How strong was communism in the 1950's? How strong did it have to be to invoke such unreasonable fear in the people of the U.S.? To discover its influnce, one would have to know that the Eastern World was in really bad shape after WWII. Entire countries were competly war-torn, and many were left homeless. With Soviet troops occuping Europe, they were able to imp[ose communists governments there against some people's will. Communism was indeed atractive, with promises to abolish proverty, give privalege, give private property, give jobs, provide shelter, have education, and provide healthcare. These nations had to submit, because of fear of attack for Soviet Troops. One by one, the countries of Europe became satilite nations to the USSR.
The nations could not fight back because of fear; yet again fear had influnced decision. It was prominent during the Holocaust, prominent during Japanese internment, and espically prominent here. No doubt that there is no way to stop fear; it will always remaain, always alter our course to the way fear prefers. Perhaps there is no way to fight it; we will just have to let it decide for us.